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We Help Working Women Win


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2022 Candidate Nominations & Trainings

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We give progressive working women the backing they need to run and win.

Working women often lack the funding and connections needed to run for office, but are the best fighters for their communities. Working women are on the front lines of injustice in America and deserve to be part of policy making.

If we want a government that takes inequality seriously, we need leaders who know what it’s like to try to make a living while wages fall, job security disappears, healthcare costs rise, and organized labor weakens under attack. 

If we want a government that fights for women, people of color, and immigrants, we need to make sure our leaders look like us.

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Why Matriarch?

Why Matriarch?

Now more than ever, we need strong, progressive working women at the helm of government. Over half of Congress members are millionaires, and just 23.7 percent are women, only 22 percent are people of color, and a mere 8.7 percent are women of color. It’s no surprise the policies coming out of Washington benefit wealthy men most. 


Women on the front lines: Domestic workers. Teachers. Home health aides. Food-service workers. No one knows better what it feels like to work for less than $15 an hour. What it means to have no healthcare. What it tastes like when your tap water runs brown. No one knows better the human cost of gun violence, police brutality, and family separation.

For too long, establishment-aligned organizations have decided whether to support a candidate based on the candidates’ early fundraising numbers. By using bank accounts to measure viability, these organizations often provide critical early funding to independently wealthy candidates and candidates who have access to financial resources. These organizations have trapped themselves in a cycle where wealth determines viability, and viability leads to more funding.

Many institutions that support candidates set early and unreasonable fundraising markers to determine a candidate's viability — not whether the candidate is connected to their community, has ideas that will empower everyday people, or has grassroots support. 

For working-class candidates, raising huge sums of money in a short amount of time — while also working one or more jobs — is often unthinkable. And for working women who often bear the brunt of household duties and childcare as well, finding the time to campaign is nearly impossible. These are the candidates who need and deserve early assistance and infrastructure support, because they are personally connected to the issues they are fighting for.

That’s where Matriarch comes in. 


Recent Press


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-The Intercept

November 3, 2019

“It’s organizations like this that will lift our voices and help us

get a seat at the table”

What We Do

Matriarch Candidates

Matriarch aims to increase the number of progressive working women in office by endorsing and providing financial and infrastructure support to women without independent wealth and institutional connections or support.


Matriarch endorses working women based on the following qualifications:

  • Little/no personal wealth or access to wealth

  • Platform focused on income inequality, economic, racial, labor, social and environmental justice

  • Working background, which we believe offers a more diverse field of candidates

  • Community support; experience; connection to issues; motivation for running 

If we want our government to start paying attention to working women, we need to change the face and control of government. And that starts by helping working women win - because when you elect working women to office, they fight for economic justice. 

Barbara Jordan

Photo: Library of Congress

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